HBDH Episode 2 is coming soon!

I had the pleasure of hosting the Rainbow Communications crew out here on Monday to film our second episode of Highbrow Downhome!

Arg! Smile, Jessica! Smile!

A few days prior, we had a nice chat about some things we wanted to change from the round of filming. We put those into practice, and I think it’s going to be great! For starters, it’s going to be 30 minutes, as opposed to an hour.

We also got the whole family involved, which was so fun! I hope it all looks ok on film. My sweet hubby knows me so well, I was so glad he was there to make me laugh and lighten the mood! He went to change while I got the kiddos ready upstairs, I came down and he was wearing this!

I just…there are no words. Scott is hilarious. And WHO HAS A TURKEY TIE?? My husband, that’s who! I’m convinced no one else on the face of the planet has this ugly of a tie. I challenge you to find one more hideous, ha ha!

A luscious quiche was on the menu, along with chicken and waffles, with my own spin on it. Berry Bruchetta and a Skinny Mango Smoothie rounded out the menu. I was nervous again, but I think we made lots of improvements. It’s set to air in early April! Oh wait…that’s now!!

Again, if you’d like to view the video go to http://www.rainbowcommunications.net ->residential -> Rainbow VOD ->and click on Highbrow Downhome.


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