Summer Street Tacos

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset Hey! It isn't often you get to partner with adorable, young college students on a food project! Can you imagine my delight at being approached by a former student about collaborating with her on a delicious steak recipe? Collegiate Cattlewomen of K-State is the name of her organization, and … Continue reading Summer Street Tacos

Butterfinger Blondies

Why ever not? I ask! Candy in cookies is one of life's most precious pleasures. Why should Blizzards and Sonic Blasts get to have all the fun? Through lots of experimentation, I found that leaving the Butterfingers in semi-big chunks creates these addictive little crunch-pockets throughout. If you're as obsessed with crunch as I am, … Continue reading Butterfinger Blondies

Norwegian Krumkake

One of the (many) things I love about plays and musicals is that it opens you up to all kinds of new cultures and worlds. I probably never would have ventured to try krumkake if not for Church Basement Ladies. What a fun experience! I actually learned quite a bit about special Norwegian dishes. My … Continue reading Norwegian Krumkake

Green Chicken Enchiladas

Ok, so hotdish/casseroles! They're the bread and butter of a family's survival when extracurricular activities take family members away from home in the evenings. I've been away a lot since rehearsals started for Church Basement Ladies, (I was honestly hoping to audition for the next production at Theater Atchison, but those hopes were dashed when … Continue reading Green Chicken Enchiladas

Easy Parmesan Grits

This week we looked at South Carolina with the children, it grows more peaches than Georgia??? What? My world is shattered! I absolutely love seeing the kids try new things. NONE of them had tried grits before (with the exception of Liesl), and they all seemed to really enjoy them. I had mostly empty bowls … Continue reading Easy Parmesan Grits

Pecan Pie Minis

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset Last week's study of the United States was on Georgia, and as I stated in a previous post, I have the happy task of picking a recipe each week from each state to try with our school group. Georgia...Georgia... Where to go? What to do? The food options were … Continue reading Pecan Pie Minis