A Farmer’s Gathering

So, we have been longing, pining, sobbing! for a party with our friends who can relate to the rural/agricultural lifestyle, and whom we hadn’t seen in FOREVER…So, on a cold, snowy night it finally happened! We all got together (it was BYORP…Bring Your Own Rolling Pin), laid out the toppings and pizza dough, munched on delicious appetizers, chatted over prosecco (and beer) and got to work!

The stage was set with all kinds of toppings, the music was sexy ’60s French Pop (probably not appreciated by the gentlemen in the group? I’m just guessing there), the prosecco was popping, the toppings were whopping, it was an all-around tip top time!

Chicken, and peppers, and meatballs, oh my!

And, can I just say, it was so fun to watch our friends who don’t normally cook roll out their dough? They got in there and got their hands dirty, and I think it was fun for them to try something a little different! When I told Jill that it was a BYORP party, she texted back “this just became the best party invite ever!” Hurrah!

I really enjoyed seeing all the different combos of toppings. I was envisioning the couples sort of coupling up, you know, standing next to each other and creating together, and it being a sort of a sweet, dare I say, romantic thing? But we more just all gravitated to our girl and guy friends, which was fun too, because let’s face it: you get to see your spouse all the time! Friend time is rare, so Scott and I really soaked it in.

Karie is an artist, so I feel privileged that she deigned to share a baking sheet with me!

The moral of the story is: friendship is a gift from God. Don’t wait to get together, just seize the day, and send out an invitation.


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