Easy Circus Palmiers

So the kids and I were looking for a new cookie recipe, and I stumbled across this one for palmiers (French for elephant ears) the recipe could not be any simpler, and the kids liked getting involved. There’s a bit of a trick to shaping the cookies, but once you’ve got it they are easy peasy! AND only 4 ingredients??? Sign this busy mommy up! Full disclosure, the “recipe” was inspired by milady, Ina Garten, and her cookbook Barefoot In Paris. So, one starts by sprinkling sugar and cinnamon on your clean surface. Chop your peanuts or desired nut. Or just stick with sugar.

Next, roll out your refrigerated puff pastry in a 12-13 inch square on the sugar, cinnamon and peanuts. You’re infusing the pastry with everything delightful. Now, the trick is to keep moving quickly before your puff pastry gets too warm and sticky to come off the surface. This is a challenge with little ones, I can assure you. Just give them the extra dough they’re begging to destroy and be on your merry way.

Next, you fold fold, fold, the dough. So you have your square, yes? Bring the two sides into the center. Do the same thing again, bringing the two sides to the center.

Then fold one side on top of the other, like you’re closing a book. It should look like zees: Okay, now you’re ready to slice it up! Each slice separates into two cookies. So next you need to separate them and sort of shape them into a round-ish shape. Like zees: And then they go into the oven at 450 degrees for 6 minutes. FLIP THEM! This is crucial. And let them bake for another 3-4 minutes. Your house will smell like heaven, and you’ll be your children’s and husband’s goddess again, no matter how cranky you were this morning. Dunk these little bad boys in your afternoon coffee, or use them to bribe your kiddos into doing chores. They’re adorable and when you say “palm-mee-yay” you sound so fancy! Bonus: They’re small enough you don’t have to feel guilty about eating one (or five!)


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