Singing the harvest blues…

So…I should know better than this. I should. I do. I do know better than this, but doggone it, my emotions got the best of me the other day. I was out for a rare day in Kansas City, shopping with a good friend who loves all the things that I love.

It was a day of joy. Good food, great company, beautiful stores with all the pretty things and the fall smells….I was grinning at the ticket takers at the movie theater, for crying out loud, I was THAT thrilled to have a little freedom. (It had been a long week of lesson planning and school adjusting as well) Anyway, in this moment of reckless exhilaration, I dropped my two favorite words “dinner” and “party” and my friend was like, “I would LOVE to come to another one of your dinner parties!” She was so enthusiastic about it, like she’d just been waiting for an invitation! So then, I uttered the inconceivable words “are you free September 22?” Wut. Lady. It’s almost time to harvest. Her husband is a farmer, my husband is a farmer, most of our close friends are farmers…What was I thinking? Everyone KNOWS that harvest takes #1 priority from September-November. I know. I know. I just thought if Scott and all his friends could get a good start, maybe they wouldn’t mind?!?? The Hubs was less than receptive. Here is the actual text invitation because I am tres classy. IMG_E2639

On the way to church yesterday, I tried everything I could to negotiate my Pizza and Prosecco party. (It even has a name!!! How fun!!! Who wouldn’t want to blow off riding in the combine for just one evening for a glass of bubbly and some fancy pizza? I ask you. The humanity. The conversation went something like this…

“It’s just one evening, honey! Please?”

“It’s bad timing.”

“Even if you get a good, healthy start?”

“Why don’t we have it in November?”

“Can’t you just take off one night?”

“Ok, go ahead and have it, but just know that if we’re up against a rain, I probably won’t make it.”


I know, I could go ahead without him and have it be a girls night…but it wouldn’t be the same. So we’ve left it as, IF IT RAINS we’ll have pizza and prosecco on September 22. If it does not rain, we’ll postpone until bloody November. Isn’t that hilarious? This is the world my farm sisters and I live in.


So, will the Gigstads throw the Pizza and Prosecco party? Or will harvest time spoil all of Jessica’s plans?? Stay tuned!


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