Cropping up Harvest

I know you’re wanting to see how the crops look in Northeast Kansas! Right in our little niche they look pretty darn good. We’re mindful though that this is NOT the norm. My husbands crops to the south have not caught the rains that these fields right around home have. And lots of farmers are already chopping what they have since they’ve already basically lost their crops. But look at these beautiful soybeans! Tall and dark green and thick!

For those not familiar, soybeans are used in all kinds of things. I’ve learned so much about this since being married (I really never gave it a thought before!). Your basic vegetable oil you buy at the store is in fact, soybean oil. And soybeans are used in a lot of feed for America’s animals, like chickens and pigs. And! I learned this fairly recently, soybeans are a protein source for fish! I could not believe this when I heard it. America imports 90% of it’s seafood, according to So there is a very real demand for raising our own seafood domestically. And a real future for aquaculture in the United States. Enter: Soybean farmers!

IMG_1444I felt compelled to snap this picture on my jog this morning. Not because I was dying or anything. I legit needed to take this picture. Right then. Yes.  Love that sunrise. Fall is coming…it was actually cool out this morning.

According to the corn, harvest is around the corner. The plants are browning up from the bottom and the ears are starting to drop. Almost time to kiss my hubby goodbye from September to November. *Sigh* Harvest insanity, here we come…IMG_1450


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