I’m thrilled to be selling my product at the CUTEST specialty stores in Kansas!  Here are some fun local places in Northeast Kansas you may want to check out to grab a bag of Crunchy Granola and shop! Eating and shopping, what more could one want, amiright??

THE GOSSIP in Holton, Kansas has refurbished, repurposed antiques plus new items, and Carolyn has them displayed beautifully. You can find goat’s milk soap, gorgeous candles, and imaginative uses for vintage items. She’s refurbished it all, so you don’t have to! Who has time for that? It definitely has a Restoration Hardware feel to it, but much more warm and inviting. So, if you’re in Northeast Kansas, you should definitely check her store out!            

The Sugar Creek Country Store in Saint Mary’s, Kansas specializes in Amish bulk foods, specialty food items, and has a New-York-Style deli and ice cream parlor. It has the most fun food supplies, ALL the ingredients you want to try in your next culinary masterpiece, fun cookie cutters,  pasta in all the shapes, you name it!  It’s a wonderful spot to stop for lunch if you happen to be heading to Manhattan, or if you’re shopping their quaint downtown area. with VSCO with e5 preset


There’s my product!! On a shelf!!! In a store!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

The Sunflower in Atchison, KS is an adorable place to stop for coffee and/or a chocolate croissant if you have a craving! There are comfy couches to chat with your friends, and the lounge area is a barnwood lover’s paradise. The Sunflower also specialty gifts, cocktails (what??) and of course delicious coffee. I stop there every Saturday for an iced Americano after the farmers market.

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Backroad Atlas in Atchison also has Crunchy Granola on hand for your crunchy cravings, and you can get absolutely LOST in this store! It’s huge and has SO MANY VINTAGE TREASURES! The best part is that they’re all put together so beautifully, you don’t have to! “Backroad Atlas blends repurposed furniture and décor with pieces from custom designers, artists and the handmade community to fill a 12,000 square foot industrial building with the feeling of home. In this one-of-a kind store, the familiar has fresh purpose and the forgotten finds new beauty.”

Koosers General Store in Hiawatha, Kansas is another specialty food item store that has all the ingredients you didn’t know you wanted. Last time I was there, I grabbed some pizza-dough flour, organic oats, gluten free-oats, and some crazy pasta noodle shapes for the kids. They have fun things like raw peanuts, organic tea, farm-fresh eggs, and specialty meat and cheese. If you’re looking for a very specific food item,  it’s a great place to stop by.  And Herb Kooser is a supernice guy, I’m excited to be working with him!

So, those are a few places that have Crunchy Granola on hand! And all these places are a treat to stop and shop! I hope you can soon!




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