Fall into fashion

So, I know! Everyone is looking forward to fall already! I scored some deals on the Anthro tag sale a few weeks ago, with fall in mind and I’d like to share with you some of my finds!

First: Is there anything more versatile than an army-green jacket?IMG_1190

I snatched this up in a medium, which leaves me lots of room for longer sleeves underneath, but the jacket is so nice and lightweight. I’m loving the pocket detailing.IMG_1147

It’s Anthro brand. And it was deeply discounted, better yet! This is adorable with blue jeans, it could be super cute with black jeans!

Second: This top by Maeve is everything to me.


I mean, how flattering is this???? IMG_1134Curves for daaaaaays! Love the tie detailing in the front, just look how it cinches your middle!IMG_1137And the pattern is to die for! I found another similar toile one here.  I have been wearing this  with white jeans for summer, and it’s going to go beautifully with blue jeans and my green jacket for fall! IMG_1186

Its the perfect fall outfit. The visual interest of the pattern and pop of red with the jeans and green, it’s so fun! IMG_E1145

I also grabbed this pretty blouse because it looks like sleeves with detailing are going to be a thing again. I adore navy, and again, this can be a summer/spring/fall blouse depending on whether you wear it with blue jeans, white jeans or whatever!IMG_E1172 Thank you Meghan Markle for making wide leg trousers a thing again.

IMG_1188My jeans are telling me that I need to rethink my life choices regarding Goldfish and wine, but oh well! It’s hard to see but there are little ties on the sleeves.IMG_1158

And last, also on the Anthro Tag sale, I snagged this sweet little cardi. I love to mix neutrals, so I paired it with a sleeveless ivory blouse, and I love it together, can’t wait to wear it! Perhaps for Christmas? Are we already talking Christmas, for real???IMG_1161

This cardi by Michael Stars is long enough to cover your rear, but it’s also nice and light. You won’t get overheated when you’re walking into your Christmas party, out and about doing your holiday shopping, or taking the kiddos to the pumpkin patch in the fall! I’m looking forward to aaaaallllll of it! Did NOT take into consideration whether these items will be practical for running the grain-trailer at harvest time though, lol!

What fall deals have you scored? Are you looking forward to Christmas like I am? Or is it way too early for ya? Maybe I should do a grain-trailer style post? Cheers! Xx


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