Stay tuned!

Here’s what’s happening on the farm!

Today is a special day that shall not be named, but suffice it to say, I wanted to mark the occasion with a celebration of some kind. I had in mind a Halloween party, or some kind of date with my guy…but of course harvest got in the way of that. Scott thought earlier in the week it might work out, but then it didn’t. I got my hopes up, then I pouted, then I got over it. #badwife

Scott is really pushing to get the soybeans out because there is snow in the forecast! He’s been getting home late every night and gone with the wind in the morning. I know the kids are starting to miss him…

Liesl had snacks this week at school and it was SO HARD to limit myself, ha ha. Liesl and I spent way too much time planning what she’d take to school, but it was so fun! I didn’t plan it this way, but I ended up spending all morning on Thursday getting them ready, I think I have a sickness sometimes?

I began brainstorming for a Christmas episode for HBDH, and again, had trouble limiting myself. There are so many ways to go with Christmas food! Brunch, cookies, appetizers, traditional dinner, aaack! So many ways to go! So, I broached the subject of filming TWO episodes or one longer episode with Rainbow Communications, the telecommunications company that produces the show. And they went for it, hurrah!!!!! So two lovely Christmas episodes are in the works for northeast Kansas and you!

Fun fact! You don’t have to be a Rainbow subscriber to view Highbrow Downhome, you can watch me anytime by clicking Here.I hope to see you soon!


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