Making hay!

We’ve been blessed with some unseasonably cool weather this week! I’m so grateful for my hubby! Usually gathering hay is a hot, sweaty, thankless job.

Spring fertilizing is paying off! The pasture lurrves nitrogen and phosphorus. Lots and lots of hay bales, destined to be ground up into feed for some baby calves to munch on.

Scott has sold the hay to the same cattle-feeding operation now for ten years! He has his friend Rodney bring over his baler every summer and then Scott gets it picked up and put in neat rows. The ranchers will come in the late winter or early spring and load it onto trailers. Thirty at a time! That’s a lot of hay!

So for now, Liesl and Cal have a jungle gym? Track? A sustainable source of entertainment for the next few months!

Side note: Running on Hay Bales is now their favorite activity. Said favorite activity can only be accomplished at 8:30 p.m. Somehow the subject is never broached BEFORE 8:30 p.m. Weird, huh? Do you know what time 8:30 p.m. is? If you guessed bedtime…dingdingding!! You’re right! My little lambs never think of doing their favorite activity at any other time other than bedtime.

To deny them their favorite activity at 8:30 p.m. would be child abuse, I’m informed. Naturally this quakes me to my core. I might also lose my position as Favorite Parent, which I’m not inclined to do, as well as risk having a mutiny of the littles on my hands. So the only thing to do is to throw them up and just give in. It’s summer, after all. I hope you’re drinking in all of summer’s delights too! What are your favorite things about summer? Mine are: fireflies, lunch on the porch, lemonade, and chicken on the grill. Cheers!



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