The 6 Best Things About Washington D.C.

Scott and I recently had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC with a group of farmers in order to talk to our elected officials about some challenges agriculture in America is facing right now. Lucky me, I got to tag along! DC is absolutely one of my favorite cities, so here are my top five, er, six things I love about that tainted town!

6. Everyone is dressed for success. The men, the women. The suits, the skirts, the spiffy shoes, the dresses! A friend of ours always comments on the pencil skirts of Washington, apparently he’s very appreciative, ha ha! So ladies of Washington, just know that your effort is appreciated by the men of the Midwest, lol!

5. There is a never ending list of things to do and see. The shopping, the monuments, every kind of museum, the live entertainment, the SHOPPING, the tours, and did I mention the shopping???? And that’s just in DC. That’s not even counting the wineries and historical estates like Monticello just outside the city šŸ™‚

4. The tempo. It’s go go go in DC, so different from the way we live in rural America. The ENERGY of that city is…dare I say, sexy? Everyone has somewhere pressing to be. This was very apparent when we met with our congressman and staffers, we needed to be on our toes, make our point, and let the representative be on their way. Not that they were hurrying us through, but…it was palpable. Funny story: We even had to continue a meeting walking down the hall and into the elevator with one staffer, because we had ANOTHER meeting and hadn’t gotten to all our topics of discussion. And we definitely could not keep the next congressman waiting! #busyandimportant

3. DC is THE BEST for people watching! Staffers, tourists, constituents, interest groups of all kinds, reporters, cameramen, and military personnel.

2. The staffers are all really good looking, Does this make me a bad wife?

1. So. Much. Walking. But that’s great because you can eat more!

I know I definitely have my Pollyanna glasses on when describing DC, I know it has a dark side (“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”), and it’s bad areas. I’m certainly not wired to LIVE there, but for culture and history and beauty, I think it’s pretty hard to beat!

Have you been? What is your favorite thing to do/see??


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