Mayday mayday mayday…

A few days ago we were doing this: Loading the planter! Or Scott was loading the planter and I was trying to keep the kids out of his hair.

Fortunately, there were big, heavy sacks of seed corn for the kids to play on!

I swear, there is nothing like playing around on the farm. In old barns, sometimes on old equipment, jumping across haybales, etc. I have the best memories of playing with my siblings out in the shelterbelts (Rows of trees planted to shelter cattle from the wind and elements) near our home growing up. Sigh. The huge, dead cottonwood trees out in the field were the best! They were like these giant old fossils laying on the ground, and had been there for years. There was no bark left on them, so they were smooth as silk and bleached white by the sun. My brother Tyler and I played out there all.the.time. It was a huge blessing, looking back, playing outside, no supervision, no restraints on our imaginations. I have so many memories of those times. I tell myself I am BLESSING my children when I get a little crazy and send them outside when I need a break, haha!

Scott took a little break from loading up the planter

Now we’re in a bit of a lull as far as field work goes. We have gotten so much rain in the past week! Scott is really worried about having to re-plant many of his crops. He’s gotten all the anhydrous on, the corn is mostly planted, so now he’s thinking about soybeans, but it’s so muddy there’s no way he’ll get in the field for a while.

I could tell last night he was so worried. He was just sort of laying in bed looking up at the ceiling…I felt for him. It’s hard for ME to watch crops dry up or get drowned out, and I’m not the one who plants them. I can’t imagine what it’s like for him.

All is not lost! The sun will come out tomorrow, (Annie, anyone?) as they say! Hopefully no re-planting will be necessary. And!!! Maybe I’ll get a Mother’s Day date since it’s too muddy to be in the field 😉 Cheers!



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