Highbrow Downhome the shoooooooow!!

So this was happening at my home a few weeks ago…

Rainbow Communications production team!

I began filming what I HOPE will be a regular series called Highbrow Downhome for Rainbow Communications!

I see now that I needed more pictures of myself, ha ha! But I WAS there. Check out Rainbow Communications Instagram account @rainbowcommunications , they got some fun time-lapse video of yours truly, chopping and talking, and then talking and chopping! In preparation for this big event, I practiced filming myself and making my dear Hubs watch me, which he did #saint. I binged studied all my favorite chefs on TV for quite a while leading up to our film date. In doing so, I decided “less is more” in terms of makeup does not apply when one is on camera. I got allllll of the makeup on my face that day. Of course, all the body image insecurities were gremlin-taunting (it’s a thing) me leading up to filming as well. Of course I tried eating nothing but veggies for weeks before. And of course Cheez-its got the better of me more times than I care to remember. (Please. I cannot listen to your well-meaning, rational suggestions of “Well, just don’t put them in the cart!” They just call to me, ok???)

Pretty party platter!

After filming was over, I found random bowls of food all over, the dining room, the pantry, etc. The show must go on! One can’t stop production to put stuff away in it’s proper place now can one?

It will air in early March on Channel 68, so stay tuned, Northeast Kansas residents!

I will have all the recipes and pretty pics posted for ya right here!



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