In the Bleak Midwinter…

It’s cold. It’s brown. It’s bleak. I just…kind of love it. I don’t mind the frosty weather, and honestly, I love moody, gray days. they remind me of what I imagine the weather in England to be. I adore the Brits sooooo much. I’ve been re-reading my favorite novel, Jane Eyre for the umpteenth time, and I LOVE all the weather in that book. Don’t you cherish those wonderful books where you can re-read them over and over, and something new will jump out at you every time? Lots of LOVE in this post!

The scene where Jane describes the night before she’s to marry is straight-up creepy. It’s never struck me that way before, but there it is. “As I looked up at {the wreck of the chestnut tree}, the moon appeared momentarily in that part of the sky which filled their fissure; her disc was blood-red and half-overcast; she seemed to throw on me one bewildered, dreary glance, and buried herself again instantly in the deep drift of cloud. ” Shivers! If you haven’t read Jane Eyre, it’s gorgeous. It’s so full of longing, it’s a deep, poetic tearjerker, and Jane’s strength is truly inspiring. Go do it now!

We were blessed with a pretty snow a few days ago, for which I’m so thankful. I’m weird. I don’t have to be working out in it, but during these cold, seemingly endless months, we get to have the ground blanketed with beautiful white sparkles! I think it makes it a little easier to get through the winter. I don’t mind it one bit. Again, weird?

The Hubs is trying to get fertilizer on the ground in preparation for spring planting, which will be upon us before we know it. It can’t be too muddy though, or you can’t drive over the field. Lately, he’s been battling the ground being just too soft! So he needs it to be warm enough for the snow to melt, but then it needs to freeze back up so he can get back to work. It’s been an up-and-down, back-and-forth winter for sure, so I don’t know how he’s managed to get most of it done, but he has. Just a few more acres to go, I know he’s really fretting about finishing the job!

Happy Valentines Day! Candy candy candy!

And me? I’m brainstorming/googling/pinteresting/showbingeing/working on some new episodes for Highbrow Downhome the show! I’m excited to begin filming again!


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