A Marriage Experiment

So here’s the thing. Sometimes I think I’m a really bad wife. I’m married to the kindest, gentlest, most patient guy ever. There are times when I want to really let him have it, and then 99% of the time I’m glad I held it in because  then he’ll do something sweet and unselfish for me out of the blue. When I least deserve it.

A friend sent me this as a joke, it’s from the 1950s, perhaps you’ve seen it before.

Image result for tips to look after your husband

I know it’s passed around now as a joke about how out of touch women were in the 1950s. I’m not going to get political at all here. But I read it and thought…I wonder how the hubs would behave toward me if I actually took these “tips” and did them for a week. We have a pretty good marriage, (I hope? I think??) but I am by far the one who could be more patient, kind, less proud, less selfish. I have often looked at myself and wondered if I would like to be married to me.

So I’m going to do this experiment! I’m going to try doing these things for seven days straight, starting tomorrow, January 14, 2019 and just see what happens. I’m actually going to greet him at the door and help him take off his work coat, taking off his boots may be a bit tricky, lol.

And to keep myself accountable, I pinky promise to post a blog or at least keep notes about it every day.

Also, it is the Eve of The Big Scary Project. Wish me luck!



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