A Marriage Experiment: How it’s going

So, as promised I am keeping notes on how my 1950s “Tips to Look After Your Husband” Experiment is going.

Day 1: January 14

This was the day of the filming for Highbrow Downhome. So it was a very busy morning and afternoon. Scott took our son, Cal out and about with him to look at a new piece of equipment, so he wasn’t really around all day. Then I happened to have a meeting that evening until about 8. And THEN I got some really frightening news about my dear, sweet, Grandma Norma.

She had to be taken by ambulance for emergency surgery that night, and I was terrified something was going to happen to her. She’s in her 80s, so anything could potentially happen, you know? Thank God she’s fine and going to recover, but I was seriously considering driving the 4 hours home to see her last night. I got home from my meeting and was and was frantic. Not exactly in keeping with the calm atmosphere as recommended by the “Tips”.

So I’m giving myself a C for calm atmosphere with all the emotions flying around.

Little Treasures were clean and put together, A.

When we did eventually move on to other topics of the day besides my Granny, I’m giving myself a B for keeping positive, not complaining, etc.

I looked pretty darn good (show filming and all), appearance gets an A+

Dinner is N/A since we all got home too late anyway!

And wouldn’t you know, I came downstairs from putting the kids to bed and he’d done the dishes. although I don’t know if that’s because he’s scared not to, come to think of it…hm.

Day 2: January 15

Calm atmosphere was on point today: A

Clutter was not cleared, but not too terrible either: C

Dinner was ready: A

I was positive! No complaints or negativity that I can really remember, so…B

Appearance, erhmmm….my pants were not sweats, but they were darn comfy. C-

Little Treasures were not exactly perfect, Cal is potty training right now…so I’ll just let you imagine the wealth of scenarios there. D-

Imma keep you updated on how it all goes and how my Subject responds!



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