And then there’s this…

It’s no secret that farming can sometimes be a dangerous occupation. It’s certainly not up with being a soldier or a logger or something of that nature, but I’ve heard countless stories growing up and known a few men who have died in farming accidents. Machines can tip over. Sweep augers like this one…

Round Tube Power Sweep

are terrifying. If you get a sleeve, or your hair or pant leg stuck in there when it’s spinning, it can injure you severely. The blades are sharp! I always get so nervous when the Hubs is down to the bottom of a grain bin and has to get the auger going.  When there isn’t a lot of grain left in the big metal bin, you have to get it out somehow!

And then there’s this.  IMG_0550

Our sprayer absolutely exploded the other day, nearly killing my FIL! He was inside when the thing caught fire! Malcolm said there were two explosions, and then the sprayer was absolutely engulfed. He described seeing flames through the windshield, and the booms on the side were folded in so he couldn’t get the door opened!

IMG_0536 (1)

Somehow he managed to escape, I don’t think he’s even sure how.

Here is the plastic tank on the back melting down the side.

IMG_0540 (1)

Below you can see what was left of the cab. You can see the shattered glass and remnants of the seat.

IMG_E0543 (1)

It was utterly terrifying.

Now, explosions like this (we’re still not sure exactly HOW it happened) are rare on the farm, but this mishap reminded us of how fragile life can be! My grandmother once said to be grateful every day you go to sleep and nothing has changed. Because there will be some days when you wake up and everything is normal but by nightfall your world could have turned upside down. We’re so grateful that Monday was not one of those days!

IMG_E0538 (1)


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