Breakfast inspo


I could seriously wax poetic on my favorite breakfast. Its sort of like a religion for me! Maybe it is my religion,  ha ha, because I try to read in my Bible first thing while I’m having breakfast, so perhaps I associate breakfast with the Divine! I so look forward to my breakfast every darn day!  Probably because I try to go to bed a little hungry, and therefore I’m ravenous when I wake up. Anyway, the tart/sweet fruit, plus creamy, rich vanilla yogurt, packed full of protein…This  is all delicious in and of itself, but it’s just not the same without granola or some kind of crunchy element. That is what sends it over the edge and myself over the moon…or morning sunrise in this instance. Crunch sends my breakfast over the edge. I think it’s because it makes you stop and chew and savor all the flavors more. Not that I think it HAS to be granola, I think pecans, pistachios, muesli, flax seeds, or even Grape Nuts on top of your yogurt, pancakes or smoothie are all you need to have a delightful breakfast experience. Just make sure you have some crunch to sink your teeth into!

Now, if you REALLY want to take it to the next level, microwave your berries in the morning until they start to burst and the juices start flowing. Spoon the hot berry mixture over your cold yogurt, add some crunchy stuff, and send yourself into breakfast nirvana! I think about these things. Deep, deep thoughts! Your welcome, hahaha!  😉


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