Slope Love


So, hey there! We stole a few days (between rounds of influenza b and various other colds/viruses…I’m still amazed at how the timing worked out) the past week and went for a ski trip to Colorado. Never skied Winter Park before, and it was fun! The first day was sunny and warm, the snow on the runs was kind of packed down and there was NOONE there. Lovely! No lines at the lifts! The second day it snowed, and it was so cool (hahah. punny!) the difference it made. First of all, it’s much more of a leg workout. Plowing through the fresh powder and turning is much more work. It’s a lot easier to fall too, the runs get very bumpy and you really have to watch where you turn your skis. If you’re not careful and you turn in a bad spot, one ski will stay up on the hill and the other will go down, and down you go!

The other neat thing about skiing in fresh snow is how quiet it is. All you can hear going down is your breathing. It’s just beautiful and peaceful to be flying through the trees and feeling the stillness all around. And while I do love skiing so much (it’s about the only sport I’ve ever picked up that I’m good at…I think a lot of the fun is getting to talk on the ski lifts. We always ski with some very dear friends. Anyway, I love hearing what they have to say about life and politics and whatnot. They’re a little more tuned in than we are, I think, living in a more populated area of Colorado. And we got to talking about love and marriage on the lift, and we’re all so thankful to be married and not on the dating scene anymore. I used to cradle a pillow at night and pretend it was a husband! Anyway, one of us mentioned that today, it’s incredibly easy to find someone to sleep with you, but it’s harder than ever to find a quality individual who’s marriage material.  How sad if it is! what do you think? Is this true? I’m suuuuuuuuuuuper grateful I’m not still dating. Hm, but sadly that doesn’t keep me from being irritated with the hubs from time to time! 


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