Frantic and frenzied

Frenzied can definitely describe this spring, and early summer. I feel like we’re all burning the candle at both ends. Thank goodness planting is over, and scott has been able to get the crops treated. You have a pretty narrow window to get the corn sprayed before it gets too tall, and he was sweating it out there for a week or two. His dad is slowing down quite a bit, and my in-laws have had some unexpected health issues come up, so that has just added another layer of complexity to the workings of the farm. Scott is such a good son and he takes such good care of his mom and dad, I can only hope that Cal and Liesl will feel the same way about us someday.

So anyway, Scott’s got a lot on his plate and I feel like I need to be supporting him more, but then…It’s probably lazy and selfish of me, I should learn to run the sprayer or planter and help the guy out, but I am utterly frightened and intimidated by it. Running the huge, EXPENSIVE machines, and possibly hitting another machine, or gumming it up somehow…resulting in huge, EXPENSIVE repairs, it just strikes my heart with fear. So when Scott mentions that he really could use some help around the farm, I’ve gotten really creative in my ways-to-avoid-eye-contact, and change-the-subject skills.

Not that Scott’s seriously expecting me to become a farmer at this point, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t turn me down if I were really gung-ho about it!

We have a puppy! Her name is Ginger, and she’s such a sweetie! Cal loves just hanging out with her, and she has fit into our family perfectly. Playful, but not too hyper, rambunctious but sweet-tempered, she’s perfect. She’s a yellow lab and I’ve already taught her to sit, shake, lay down, and now we’re working on “roll over” which is taking a bit longer, but she’s so smart! I think we worked on “sit” for all of three minutes. I just stumbled upon a sign advertising lab puppies for sale on our way home from visiting family for Memorial Day, and that night she was ours!

Our Memorial Day surprise!

Let’s see….Cal is six now. I just look at him sometimes and wonder where my little baby boy went. I’ve decided I’m just going to go to college with him, so far he’s ok with that plan, I just need to get it into a legally binding contract so he can’t change his mind…or maybe I just happen to go back to school at the same time he enrolls?? At the exact same school? Perhaps in the same department? Hope he wants to study Art History or similar!

Liesl had a dance recital a few weeks ago, and did her very first baton performance with her teacher. She was so brave and did such a good job, I almost bawled like a baby. Doesn’t she look like Tinkerbell?

Yes, there’s camps, ball practice, games, farming, and keeping everyone fed and to all the places on time. How is your summer going?? Where are you going on vacay? What are you cooking? Are you back to normal?

Cheers! Xoxox


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