You’ll Never Work in This Town…Oh Wait…

Here’s a little Gigstad Family update!

I’m sad to announce that my partnership with Rainbow Communications has ended, so I won’t be filming full episodes anymore. But I’m looking at it as a door closing and keeping my eyes open to future windows of opportunity presenting themselves! In the meantime, I’ve been doing some shorter videos and posting them on Facebook, which has fit into life quite nicely. I still really miss the creativity of planning a whole menu and plotline for a Rainbow episode, but perhaps something will come along in the future. And isn’t it funny how the time you used to have reserved for certain projects gets filled almost immediately? Which leads me to…

I’m going to be in a play! I’m going to be in a play! I’m going to be in a play! I was cast as Signe in Church Basement Ladies with Theatre Atchison, and rehearsals have started, and I LOVE working on that Minnesoooota accent! It’s a sweet, playful script, and I’m seeing some old friends from Oklahoma, (the musical, not the state) so I’m really thrilled. I’m not sure how excited Scott is about it, haha! I could tell he was a little stressed after getting the kids to bed last night, lol! That’s usually my job.

As research, I’m hoping to post a few bar (apparently Minnesotans don’t bother with cookies?) and hot-dish/casserole recipes. In all honesty, the hot-dish/casseroles are going to be a matter of survival for my family since I’ll be gone for rehearsals in the evenings. Scott doesn’t want to have to assemble much when he’s tired at the end of the day. He just needs something he can scoop of a 9×13, pop in the microwave, and settle down for the night. What a wonderful thing when worlds collide! Lutefisk is not off the table as an option. Have any of you Norwegians out there made it?? I’d love to hear all about it!

We went skiing last month at Copper Mountain with our besties in Colorado. In spite of all the COVID related complications, it was a wonderful trip. I clipped a snowboarder and almost died. Was it frightening? Yes. Worth it? Also yes. Fun times! We took my sister Brianna out as an extra pair of hands, and it was great to spend time with her. I’m ashamed at how I barely speak to my brothers and sisters. I need to be much better about reaching out and just checking in with them. Brianna and I had some really great talks and it was a blast to have her on the mountain with us.

Scott has his projects too. He’s been building some terraces (basically shaping the land so that when a rain hits, it doesn’t create these huge ravines running down and destroying the smooth surface he needs to plant) and checking in with the Soybean Association. He’s got planting on his mind. It’s going to be here before we know it. I’m so excited for spring though. What a rough winter. 1,000% ready to put it behind us!


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