Handpies for Kids!

So, our kiddos in our homeschool co-op are studying a new state in the United States each week. Learning about it’s history, landmarks, topography, etc. And so, my friend had the fantastic idea to pick a food from each state in the United States to have each week. I’m in charge of picking the food from each state. (So glad she gave me a job I can handle!) And at first I was not the most enthused, but it’s turned out to be SUCH a fun project. Our first week was Delaware, which grows a lot of peaches, so…peach cobbler it was! The kids mixed up the crumbly topping and spread the fruit in the pan. Next was Pennsylvania, the inventor of banana splits, yay! That was a sticky, lovely mess 😉

This past week was New Jersey, which apparently produces lots of blueberries. Blueberry pies for the win! I found this really simple recipe, and you can share it with your children too. We made the hand pie version and they turned out so cute! Here’s the link to the recipe we used Easy Blueberry Hand Pies | Just a Taste

Cute, no?


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