Teach us to pray…

We filmed French Cafe at Home on Monday, and it was one of my faves! I looked forward to it almost as much as Croquet on the Lawn. I got to have my girlfriends over, and I love French food. So it was a beautiful combination of all my favorite things. And of course the evening was awash in wine, better yet! Maybe “awash” is too strong a word. We didn’t get too knackered, but we shared a couple glasses and it was pure bliss 😉

“Stunt onions” are an actual thing.

Speaking bliss, my darling groom is neither a fan of onions nor bread that’s soaked into things. He really doesn’t like stuff like bread pudding, or French dip, etc. However, when I was testing out the French onion soup for the episode it was so flavorful and scrumptious, I had to ask him to try it. His reply? “I’m not sure I’m the one you should be asking about this.” Translation: “I hate it.” He’s so diplomatic, haha! How can one not like onions???? The humanity!

In other news, it seems like a lot of our loved ones around us are facing serious health issues. Even a friend of mine who is a few years younger has had some crazy health things happen to her. Wellness is such a blessing and more and more, I’m realizing how I take it for granted. When you see people you love self-sabotage and pay the price in terms of health, how do you love and support them and yet say “maybe you shouldn’t be eating that/doing that?” The answer probably is that you’re not going to change them and nothing you do/say will make a difference. I struggle with getting pretty hard-hearted about it, feeling unsympathetic and shrugging my shoulders. It seems futile! But, it just hit me as I was sitting here typing: The answer is that God is in control and it’s all in His hands anyway. I love that about Him. In the past, whenever I got really worked up about something, my pastor always told me we just need to “do what’s been given to be done.” What peace this gives me! When one just focuses on taking care of what He’s given, there’s a beautiful lightness that comes with it. You let it all go, He’s got it. We’re not required to fix it all, and thank God for that!

I hope this bleak midwinter is treating you well! If you’ve seen the show, I’d love to hear feedback or some ideas on what you’d like to see! You can watch me anytime on http://www.rainbowtel.net/vod-video/2149


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