Home and Harvest

I feel so guilty even posting because it’s been so long since I’v blogged about life on the farm. It’s full-swing harvest time around these parts, it’s been too rainy and wet for the guys to be in the field much, but I think the guys are going to get a break and start combining soon. It’s a fun but stressful time of year. Scott puts in so many long hours, we don’t see him until well after dark during harvest season. I miss him at dinner time, and I really miss his help with the children at bedtime, but that all has to go by the wayside until the crop is in the bin. The next episode of the show is going to center around harvest, I can’t wait!!!

I’ve also been struggling with homeschooling lately. We have a fun, unique situation, where a group of moms and I get together in a classroom setting and each take turns teaching our group of kiddos together several times a week. My struggle has nothing to do with the co-op, which is going beautifully this year (last year was our first year)! But when Liesl and I work just on our own, to supplement what isn’t covered in class time, I can feel that neither of us really enjoys working with the other one. I’m new to this, but aren’t I supposed to? Enjoy it? It’s a privilege. I’ve had pray even for the DESIRE to homeschool my little girl. It’s crossed my mind to pray for a governess, haha. Or some other way. In my heart of hearts, I know homeschooling is the right thing for her right now, but it’s hard some days. And so very easy to let other things become more important and get in the way. I even catch myself asking myself, “Would you want to be learning from you right now?” The answer is “no” more times than I care to admit. ‘

So…I think we’re working through it. It seems to slowly be getting better…we’ll see. Between harvest and school, there’s going to be a new episode of HBDH coming atcha!


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