Bringing up Baby

The latest episode for HBDH was “Croquet on the Lawn” and man oh man, did I have fun planning that one!

I was inspired to plan this outdoor soirée after I saw a croquet set in the last issue of PW magazine, and I remember my grandparents setting up a course when I was a little girl. Have you seen the old Hayley Mill’s movie Summer Magic? It was after The Parent Trap, and there is a scene that’s stuck with me where they are playing croquet. Hayley Mills wins the croquet, but loses the guy!

As soon as I thought of doing a croquet/garden style party, I knew that this baby had to be born. It sort of took on a life of it’s own, hahah! I just thought it would be a fresh spin on an outdoor party, especially in this area. I came up with a menu, and got on the phone with some friends. A couple of my really good friends happened to be gone on vacation, which was a little bit discouraging right at first, but I got some great people rounded up and we had a good time!



The actual filming took longer than I was wanting it to (of course it does). So unfortunately my friends had to wait for maybe 30-45 minutes before they got to eat/film, but I think everyone was understanding of that. We even had our pastor and his wife stay and linger, which was a bonus!! I love getting to talk to them.

And it’s so fantastic how God works things out. We got a nice little rain for the grass a few days before, and the day itself wasn’t wicket hot, (wicket?! Get it??) or windy as I was fearful it would be…so one could say the stars aligned for a successful shoot day!

Official Recipe Testers

So, after 3 trips to town, tons of lobster testing and practice, some nail-biting, a wasted container of jello and heavy cream, LOTS AND LOTS OF ICE, Croquet on the Lawn was born on Thursday! It will air Monday, August 5 at 7:00 p.m.! I might be even more anxious to see this one than the sleepover episode, if that’s possible! I hope you can tune in to Rainbow’s Channel 68, or to view any of the shows anytime!


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