Spring is springing!

Oh my goodnessgracious! Does life ever make you feel like you’re drowning but in a good way? That’s how I feel right now, just so many activities, commitments, planning, ordering, etc. Not to mention all the day-to-day things I’m not keeping up with, eep!

We’re busily planning our next school year, so how to structure our school for next year has been a big topic of discussion, but I think everything is falling into place. Its so interesting to me how mothers all want the best for their children, but sometimes it’s hard to agree on what the best thing is!

Then there is HBDH The Show, and that always takes up a lot of energy. I’ll post my recipes from the 3rd episode soon! Filming is going smoother and smoother each time we get together. I’m getting better at doing things like, “throw it to commercial” and such. I love it!! I have so many ideas for upcoming episodes, I hope we can bring them to life. Imagining how it will go in my mind is of course completely different with a film crew.

And I’m losing my hubby for a few months to planting season. Feel sorry for me! I got so reliant on him to pick up the slack if I had something else going on. He was so helpful to take Liesl to dance, or American Heritage Girls, or take Cal with him for a few hours. No more! That has all stopped until he can get the fields treated and fertilized, and get the crops in the ground. I’m going to miss that man. He DID get to stop by for filming yesterday, so that was the cherry on top of my sundae.

Spreading fertilizer on the pasture for nice, thick green grass for hay.

Now the next thing is to get anhydrous in the cornfield. I got to ride with Scott the other night and the smell can just take your breath away! It’s not a stinky smell, well, kind of, but you can just feel it when you breathe it in.

Liquid nitrogen. Smells like spring spirit!

Anhydrous is crucial to help the corn put on a bigger ear. When Scott tries to explain all this to me, the timing just boggles my mind. You have to wait 7 days after the application of it or you can burn the roots of the corn. But everyone’s so anxious to get the crop in. If you inject it in the winter after harvest, then the temperature really affects it’s effectiveness (ha). There’s so much to it. It’s cool to see though, injecting a gas into the ground over acres and acres is kinda fun 😉 Or just riding with your guy through the quiet field is, anyway…

And of course when he sees other farmers already planting their crops, he plays the comparison game and feels behind and frets about it. So I guess men can fall into that comparison-robber-of-joy-trap too.

I can’t wait for Easter, can you?? So looking forward to driving up north to Nebraska and seeing the family for a few days! I’m wearing this:

I snagged this beauty on sale at Dillards. Along with a super cute $10 Free People top, yeah! It’s a midi length, which I was a little nervous about (thick ankles *sob*) but with the right shoes, it’s working for me. The brand is Antonio Melani, and you can just tell, it’s a nice dress. The material is a little thicker and it has some structure built into it. I’m really considering picking up a fascinator for Easter…why don’t people wear hats to church anymore?? what are your plans? Are my farm wives out there feeling my pain? Or are you like “yeah! He’s out of my hair for a while!”

Weird bathroom selfie coming to you from Kansas City’s Kauffman Center!

Happy Easter!




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