Big things are coming…

So I have sort of a dream project coming up that scares the daylights out of me and is completely thrilling at the same time. Didn’t Johnny Depp say that he always tries to take on roles that scare him a little? Well, this is scary, challenging, exciting. I don’t want to say WHAT it is until it’s actually happened. All I can say is that it’s 90% going to happen. Hurrah! I told a close friend today, but she’s the only one who knows besides my husband.

You’d think having this big scary project coming up would scare me into not eating all the crackers. You’d be wrong, love. They always find me (in the grocery aisle, in my house, even in the car sometimes) and they always win. They just do. O delicious, irresistible, Cheez-Its, if loving you is wrong….In the meantime, look at my kiddos in berets! I was so weirdly proud that Liesl came up to me in the store and asked “Is this a beret?” Clever girl.

And again, had all the kiddos over for a Thanksgiving feast. Next year I’m so making little Mayflowers with Goldfish in them. Because the Pilgrims ate a lot of fish, it makes sense, right? Anywho, ran out of time for the craft part, but I did however, make these little girls pictured below. I don’t know why they’re girls, they just are, ok? Lina, Bettina, Edwina, Mina, Regina, and Carina.

Scary at first, and sort of icky to handle, but they turned out delicious! Juicy, well, seasoned, surprisingly simple, I’d so make Cornish game hens again.

Here’s our pretty spread!

I so wish I could take credit for the bread, but that was courtesy of a talented friend of mine. Cal isn’t exactly sure where to start!

I hope you all have the most blessed Thanksgiving!



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