Sometimes done is better than perfect

Hello All,

So a couple weeks ago we had Cal’s 3rd birthday party. I attempted this cool idea for a “surprise” cake! I saw a picture in Darcy Miller’s (editor for Martha Stewart) book Celebrate Everything.IMG_0084

Love this book! So many fun, creative ideas! It has the most beautiful photography and food you’ve ever beheld!

And of course, I happened upon this fun idea for a birthday cake and thought, “huh. this looks pretty simple and easy to reproduce. It gives you step-by-step instructions! All you do is cut the center out of a couple layers of cake, fill it with candy, put the top on, frost, and there you go! Easy Peasy!


Cal loves trains so I printed off a bunch of little railroad signs and Liesl helped me tape them onto skewers and put them in. That was another Darcy idea that worked really well, I thought!



At the last minute I thought to stick in a bunch of his little conductors and signs from his Melissa and Doug train set because the height from the skewer-signs needed something to balance them out. And this had the added benefit of covering up the skewers!


DSC_1158So far so good…keep scrolling….DSC_1156And now…for the finale!! Are you ready????

Ta daaaah!DSC_1379Oh dear…it’s a little sad. Maybe if we cut more out?

DSC_1383Nope. Still sad.


Ah well. At least Cal was happy and that’s what counts, right? I think the only thing he had to eat that day was cake!

I’ve got an anniversary coming up, so working on some creative way to surprise the hubs (Get your mind out of the gutter!!) with something delicious! I’ve seriously been semi-agonizing over what to make/how to serve it, etc. So many ways to go! Stay tuned! Cheers! And have a great week!


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