Magic 3 Pieces

Wow, it’s already getting so warm in Kansas! Just thought I’d share this latest little Mom-on-the-Go outfit. It’s super simple, but I love the formula, which I learned years ago from Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear. It is as follows:

Jeans, Trousers or Leggings + a pattern + a third piece (jacket, cardi, even a statement necklace, bonus points for both) = Voila! Who’s that lady all pulled together?

You! That’s who!

Here’s my latest example of the formula put into practice: IMG_3378I love the little details of this little Anthro top, which is on sale right now. I snagged it in black and white, salmon, and this yellow and white stripe. Here’s a similar one. IMG_3376and another cute top you may want to check out!

 I feel so much more complete with that third piece, lol!

And in other news, things are bustling on the homestead. The hubs is very busy spraying weeds in the field with this contraption:

IMG_3368The sides fold out and spray comes out to kill the weeds. He taught me yesterday that “A a weedy field hurts yield.” Here he is spraying behind our house in preparation to plant soybeans in the next few days. He’s got to be very careful about the wind conditions, because you never want your spray to drift and hurt a neighbor’s field! IMG_1538(1) Doesn’t the sprayer look like a giant bat or something? I think it’s pretty cool. It’s so fun to be living out in the country, in our fields, able to watch what he’s doing!

And in other news, the corn is coming up!

Not quite as high as a elephant’s eye, (Oklahoma!) but it will get there fast! Have a beautiful morning and a fantastic week! IMG_1540(1)


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