Ugh. Goals. That word gets thrown around SO MUCH these days, am I the only one who gets bored with it? Until a few weeks ago, when I actually accomplished one, lol! I’m a big personal development woman, if nothing else, I love reading personal development books, even if I find it challenging to put all that I read into practice. It’s so much harder in real life to be a better wife, mom, athlete, person, etc. And honestly, when I concretely set goals, more often than not, it’s a surefire way for me NOT to reach them. Sad, huh? I think I put too much pressure on myself and then I buckle from my self-imposed pressure. I’m so weird! HOWEVER, some magic happened to me! Look at this: download (11)



If you see my first goal, it says that I’m going to be Ado Annie in Oklahoma!

Backstory:  A few months ago, I heard that a local theater in a town a few minutes away was doing Oklahoma!, and I  love that old-school musical so much. I think the music is beautiful and fun, the plot lines have a sweetness and an innocence to them. Anywho, I was able to play Ado Annie in my first ever musical as a freshman in high school, and it  changed my life. I discovered that I had some talent and was good at becoming other people. I’m no Oscar winner, but I think I’m pretty decent! At least a decent character actress (meaning funny, unusual, or offbeat supporting characters).  Was that a sentence? Yes, and from there I decided that I would major in theater when I got to college and pursued it for about 5 years after college in Chicago. Oklahoma! was also the first musical I directed when I moved to Kansas and got my drama coaching job. It was really successful, and I had the most perfect cast of high school kids to do it, I was incredibly proud of the choreography that I did mostly myself for the first time thankyouverymuch, it was just a big love-affair. So I’ve always had this special place in my heart for Oklahoma! It was a big deal for me to revisit this musical and enjoy the opportunity of just being an actor. Of course, I wanted to play the fun part, Ado Annie, the woman who can’t say “no” to fellas who want to kiss her, she just feels so sorry for them! Haha!  So I worked on my audition piece, practiced auditioning in front of whoever I could coerce into watching me and…it happened! I got it! Not only did I get a good role, I got the exact role I wanted, Ado Annie. And I wrote it down.  So, that got me to thinking, maybe there is actually is something to writing down your goals. 

It’s almost creepy, because if you know anything about the auditioning process, there is so much that’s beyond an actor’s control. You could be too short, you could look too much like the leading lady, you could be to thin/fat you might not look right with whoever is playing your love interest, I mean there are SO MANY factors you don’t know about that go into casting a play. I still can’t believe that I get the treat of playing her twice in my life! And I know, I know, it’s community theater, but by golly, I fought for that part!!

download (10)

You are the steward of your own dreams! Maybe it’s a shop on Etsy, opening a small business, or getting the lead in the local production of Oklahoma!

Ironically, I have been reading Girl, Wash Your Face and look at the highlights in yellow! Borderline creepy, huh? How did Rachel Hollis know about my audition?? So, I’ve been going to rehearsals, and having a blast, and I’m now a believer in writing down your goals, no matter how far-fetched they may seem!


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