Easy Parmesan Grits

This week we looked at South Carolina with the children, it grows more peaches than Georgia??? What? My world is shattered! I absolutely love seeing the kids try new things. NONE of them had tried grits before (with the exception of Liesl), and they all seemed to really enjoy them. I had mostly empty bowls … Continue reading Easy Parmesan Grits

Chocolate Pub Cake

I remember trying to appear sophisticated in my mid-twenties when I lived in Chicago. I'd order Guinness sometimes when I was out and about, thinking that my choice of beverage disguised my farm-girl roots. Oh sweet Jessica, bless your heart, you weren't fooling anyone!  I'm not really ok with drinking a whole Guinness by myself, … Continue reading Chocolate Pub Cake

Pecan Pie Minis

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset Last week's study of the United States was on Georgia, and as I stated in a previous post, I have the happy task of picking a recipe each week from each state to try with our school group. Georgia...Georgia... Where to go? What to do? The food options were … Continue reading Pecan Pie Minis

Hot Chocolate Affogato

Here’s a lovely winter treat for you! Affogato literally means "drowned" in Italian. It's difficult to imagine anything more lovely than drowning ice cream in hot chocolate, right? These dreary days are in desperate need of a little perking up! First, my kids adore these, and I love any excuse to break out the espresso … Continue reading Hot Chocolate Affogato

Handpies for Kids!

So, our kiddos in our homeschool co-op are studying a new state in the United States each week. Learning about it's history, landmarks, topography, etc. And so, my friend had the fantastic idea to pick a food from each state in the United States to have each week. I’m in charge of picking the food … Continue reading Handpies for Kids!