Mediterranean Nachos

Salty, creamy, spicy, check all the boxes on this appetizer! I promptly devoured this plate of deliciousness after it’s beauty shots were done and made it dinner. It's nice and light, but still hearty and satisfying, I think it checks all the boxes for a summer night on the patio. 1 can chickpeas drained, rinsed … Continue reading Mediterranean Nachos

Sour Cream Scones

Sour Cream Scones are getting my family (ok, maybe just me!) through what appears to be a dreary weekend. They’re a snap to put together and you can throw in whatever you want. Chocolate, berries, nuts, anything 🙂 Enjoy! Wet ingredients:1/2 cup cold milk1/2 cup sour cream1 tsp vanilla extract Dry ingredients:2 cups flour1/2 cup … Continue reading Sour Cream Scones

Tropical Cake

This is a little spin off Sena's Rum cake, which won the Mother's Day recipe contest a few months ago. I happen to love coconut, and I had a can of coconut milk languishing in my pantry. I thought I'd just up the ante on this very shareable cake and make it perfect for summer. … Continue reading Tropical Cake

Sunshine Bars

These are fun and different for your dessert rotation! They're tart, tangy, buttery, and a little zing of lemon calms the grapefruit aftertaste, so you get the best of everything! I think these would look beautiful on a Mother's Day spread or for any kind of summer get-together. These Sunshine Bars will be featured in … Continue reading Sunshine Bars

Greek Lamb Kebabs

We're taking a little departure from your usual summer fare here! I lurrrve me some Greek food! There was a fantastic restaurant in Greektown in Chicago that I frequented when I lived there. I remember the grilled octopus and nothing else, honestly. It tasted vaguely of charcoal and the ocean, and it was so tender … Continue reading Greek Lamb Kebabs

A little update…

Well, hello there! It’s been a while and just like you, I’ve been trying to keep up with everything that’s going on in our country right now. Some joyful things are that Cal is freshly 5 (sob! I’m not joyful about this at all). What will I do when he’s too old to want to … Continue reading A little update…

Knievel Lemon Bars

 These tangy, delicate little bars make an appearance for every Fry/Knievel holiday. Until recently, I was under the impression that they were my mom's recipe since she makes them for every Fry/Knievel holiday, but no! Lo and behold there was Aunt Rita's name in the Knievel cookbook. It felt like the time I figured out … Continue reading Knievel Lemon Bars

Sena’s Rum Cake

Congratulations to Sena of Woodstock, Georgia! If you follow Highbrowdownhome on FB or Instagram @extravagantwife, you might recall that I had a Mother's Day recipe contest going, asking viewers of the show to submit their favorite recipe they associate with mom. Sena submitted this scrumptious cake recipe, and it's so luscious, PLUS it has a … Continue reading Sena’s Rum Cake

Three Cheese Beer Dip

I was lucky enough to get to see my dad a few weeks ago. I served this up one evening and he absolutely adored this dip. As in "Jessica, you should be a restaurant consultant" loved it. Bless his heart! So in my clinical study, it's a big hit with the men-folk. You're going to … Continue reading Three Cheese Beer Dip