Pecan Pie Minis

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Last week’s study of the United States was on Georgia, and as I stated in a previous post, I have the happy task of picking a recipe each week from each state to try with our school group. Georgia…Georgia… Where to go? What to do? The food options were staggering! I hardly knew where to start. I happen to love Georgia so much, we’ve been several times over the years. History, mystery, scenery, there’s so much to love about it. I even toyed with naming my daughter Georgia, haha! And did you know, that Georgia grows lots of peanuts as well? I didn’t. So much so that it’s other nickname, besides the Peach State, is the Goober State. Again, I had no idea “goober” is slang for peanut. The Peach State sounds a little more elegant. I don’t blame them!

Anyway, one of my Georgia favorites is the candied pecans sold on Savannah’s riverfront. So of course, that made me think of having the kids make little pecan pies. Surprisingly, they went for them. Topped with ice cream of course.

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Cooking day was hilarious. Imagine, if you will…I had the pre-school boys cutting out mini pie crusts, a couple others whisking eggs and vanilla, and then a couple more stirring corn syrup and brown sugar on the stove, all at once. Fun times!

Here’s the link to the recipe!


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