The Marriage Experiment Part Deux

Day 3: January 16

After school we had an appointment in Topeka for some financial planning. Took the Little Treasures along, and they did well.

Appearance: A

Clutter: C

Children: A

Attitude: B (noticing how many negative comments I usually make when I can no longer make them! The drive home at 8 o’clock was a challenge!

Day 4: January 17

We went to Topeka (again). We accompanied Scott’s parents to make a new electronics purchase ( this is all very exciting, I know, hahah!) And grabbed a few (more) things for the Liesl’s party. I didn’t keep very good notes about this day, but I tried to compliment him a lot when we were picking out her bike (he’s really good at noticing tiny details (like missing or loose parts, etc), and he was spot on in picking the right size bike for her. We got it home and were glad we hadn’t gotten the smaller size!

Appearance: A

Clutter: B

Children: A

Attitude A-

Day 5: January 18


It was Liesl’s 6th birthday! We celebrated by taking her to Science City in Kansas City at Union Station. I think Scott enjoyed it as much as the kids, and so did I! I did make a snarky comment (“we were waiting for YOU“) when he came in from parking and questioned why we were sitting down and having hot chocolate/coffee.

Appearance: A

Children: A

Attitude:  B-

Clutter: A- You know that pile of clothes that just sits on your dresser/chair/floor? And then you get so used to it, like another piece of furniture? Got that taken care of! Yay!!!

I started to notice, not a huge change, but just the air between Scott and I seemed more open and congenial. There was no tension of me hanging on to some slight and waiting for him to notice I was upset. I was also trying to make it a point to get up from whatever I was doing and greet him when he came in from wherever. I don’t know why, but this is really hard for me! But it’s also so appreciated, I can tell. Even if he’s distracted at first, after the greeting sat with him for a minute, Scott became more…relaxed? Something? Hard to put your finger on, but definitely a difference.


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