Yoga Experiment

Ok, so two good friends of mine have been asking me for months if I’d like to join them in their yoga class on Wednesday nights. It didn’t really work out schedule-wise in December,  I’ve never really had the desire, unless I’m really moving and sweating, I think that’s just wasted workout time, you know? I’d tried some DVDs in the past, and they were ok, just not what I typically look for in a workout. I’m a walker/runner/half-hour-maximum-lifting kind of girl.

Well, a couple Wednesdays ago, I tried it. And you know? It was so fun!! As we were beginning the class and doing some timed breathing and stretching, I almost was having these euphoric, out-of-body experiences. I just felt so light and free! And throughout the class it was just so nice to pay attention to my body and how it was responding to the different movements. My breathing was way off, it’s supposed to be timed and controlled and S.L.O.W. Which was really a challenge for me. Since I do have a theater background, I’m used to supportive, deep breathing and everything, but you breathe in pretty fast. It was a challenge to slow down. And it’s in this fun BARN on the top of a hill! It’s refurbished of course with lots of windows and heating and such, but since it’s at night the lighting inside is very soft. It was a blast. I’ll take pictures next time.


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